GeoCaching – Modern Day Treasure Hunt

Our  word of the day  is "geo-caching".   I elluded to it being a be treasure hunt just like you used to do in your high school years, but with a few twists and changes.   Instead of trying to find a list of things, we are trying to find things at a particular place on the planet.   Well, you might ask how we do that, right? Well, do you have one of those things in your car or truck that spits out directions telling you where you should go?  I know many of us what to tell it where it should go, but that wouldn't help us find this treasure.  Many of the GPS units allow you to punch in a set of coordinates or numbers that describe where on the planet you want to go.   Using that feature, we can get to any point on the Earth! I could go on and on, but I think a video would explain it a lot better then me!   So, take a look at this:





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