Possum Eggs – Southern Delicacy

Possum Eggs – YUMM!

possum eggsThese are really tasty, even though they are a pain to collect.  You have to find the mother possum at just the right time of the month, invade the nest, and find all those nice ripe possum eggs.   Well, when you say that sounds like a lot of work, it really is.

You would be amazed at what kind of planning, clothing, and other protection that you have to go through to get everything to work just right.   Sometimes, the locals say it would be easier to just go get an alligator then to fight with these possums for their eggs! So, if you really think the guys on that Alligator / Swamp show have it hard, you ain’t seen anything!

If you really want to see how we make them up after we capture them eggs, take a look at my cousin Jeff preparing them on a local TV show down in Alabama.   Don’t worry, no animals were harmed during the making of this tasty dish.   Well, other then for the bacon!


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